Booking API

Pakkepost provides one API for creating bookings, the Booking API.

After sending a request, the API will return a payment link prompting the user to fulfill the order, the labels can be collected in the Pakkepost website using your username and password after a successful payment.

The Booking API is a part of Pakkepost and it is integrated with Bring. The Labels will be created, and you will find your orders in the webside where you get your receipt.

POST /booking
"userId": 123321,
"senderName": "Kari Olsen",
"senderAddressLine": "Testgata 22",
"senderPostalCode": "2019",
"senderCity": "Oslo",
"senderReference": "senderref",
"senderEmail": "",
"senderPhoneNumber": 43322233,
"recipientName": "Steinar Hansen",
"recipientAddressLine": "Byggdagate", "recipientAddressLineNumber": "63",
"recipientPostalCode": "1932",
"recipientCity": "Stavanger",
"recipientReference": "Recipientref",
"recipientPhoneNumber": "44433322",
"recipientEmail": "",
"productId": 153,
"additionalServices": "hjemlevering",
"numberOfPackages": 2